If you're on a budget, a certified used Mazda is the best way to get yourself into a quality Mazda car or SUV. Check out our complete CPO inventory here. If you want to narrow your search, you can use the menu below or visit our CPO car or CPO SUV inventory pages. 

Discover the Joys of Getting a Certified Pre-Owned Mazda near Syracuse

Are you the type of driver who gets bored with a vehicle and wants a different one every couple of years? Does the idea of buying a used vehicle leave you with uncertainty because you don't know what you're getting? North Syracuse drivers might want to consider getting a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Mazda! CPO Mazda vehicles offer a great way to own an almost new vehicle every couple of years while still having a reliable vehicle that's under a warranty. Our staff at Burdick Mazda in Cicero, NY is eager to explain the CPO program and show you what we have on hand.

What Certified Means

Being a CPO Mazda requires more than just being a Mazda. The vehicles need to meet certain requirements regarding age, mileage, and condition. For instance, the odometer cannot show more than 80,000 miles, and the vehicles must be younger than six model years old. The Mazda vehicles also must undergo a very strict inspection process.

They're taken on a road test and inspected from top to bottom. If they have anything wrong with them, certified Mazda service technicians repair them. If there are any recalls on the vehicles, these are taken care of as well. Only genuine Mazda parts are used in the service and repairs of these vehicles. Mazda sets very high standards for their vehicles, only when the vehicles pass the 160-point inspection with flying colors are they put on the CPO program.

Inspection Process

Other than the age and mileage requirement, the inspection is the largest factor in determining if the vehicle makes the cut to be on the CPO Mazda program. The vehicles are thoroughly inspected from front to back and top to bottom. The following areas are covered in the inspection.

  • Interior (seats, headrests, seatbelts, mats, etc.)
  • Exterior (windshield, doors, structure, bodywork, etc.)
  • AC & heating system
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Brake system
  • Electrical system
  • Suspension

Why Clay, NY Drivers Might Want a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

CPO Mazda vehicles come with several benefits that drivers love, including their great warranties. These include a powertrain warranty that's good for 100,000 miles or seven years as well as a 12-month/12,000-mile vehicle warranty. Unlike some vehicle warranties that require high deductibles or per-visit deductibles, CPO Mazda vehicles have a zero deductible on covered services. You also get 24/7 roadside assistance that covers all kinds of roadside emergencies, including:

  • Fuel delivery
  • Flat tire change
  • Lockout assistance
  • Jump-start
  • Getting towed to nearest repair shop

When Liverpool, NY drivers leave our lot with a CPO Mazda, they'll also leave with a clean title, an AutoCheck® vehicle history report and a three-month free subscription to SiriusXM radio.

Why a Mazda?

Owning a Mazda in itself is a big deal because they're an extremely stylish vehicle that can even give luxury vehicles a run for their money. They also offer an excellent selection of vehicle styles and models, including hatchbacks, sedans, sports cars, and more. Regardless of a driver's age, they're sure to find the perfect vehicle through the Mazda CPO program. With the fluctuating gas prices, fuel economy is another reason many choose Mazda. Mazda vehicles also have the latest technology features, and who doesn't like technology?

Another feature that makes the CPO program so special is that when the time comes that you're ready for another vehicle, you can sell your CPO Mazda and transfer the warranty to the new owner! That is a great selling point to potential buyers!

Imagine being able to go car shopping without leaving your home! All our CPO Mazda vehicles are listed on this page. Take your time, scroll through our full inventory, and pick out a couple of your favorites. Once you've matched your wants and needs with our vehicles, contact us for detailed directions, and we'll schedule you to come to our Drivers Village dealership to test-drive a few. You can also speak to our professionals here about financing options.