Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring in Central NYS with Burdick Mazda

If you're like many drivers, throughout the winter months you tend to neglect the maintenance and service your vehicle needs because of the poor weather. Well, here at Burdick Mazda, we're happy to serve customers from Syracuse and Liverpool, NY when it comes to getting their vehicles prepped for spring. As the weather begins to turn, it's important to keep in mind a few maintenance tips to ensure your vehicle run smoothly.

Spring Maintenance Tips

  • Oil Changes
    Oil changes are always crucial to your vehicle's health. Having routine oil changes helps keeps your engine lubricated and reduce the risk of premature wear. If you have been putting off your oil change, our team can have you in and out in a hurry.
  • Tires
    Tires are important year-round, but no more important than in the winter and spring. If you have a set of winter tires on your vehicle, our team can replace them with tires more suited for the wet conditions of spring. To see if you're in need of new tires you can use the penny test, or have our service professionals look at your current tread wear.
  • Brakes
    Brakes are obviously an important part of your vehicle, but it's important to inspect them after the winter. Winter is notoriously hard on your vehicle from bumps to melting agents; it can all wreak havoc on your vehicle. Make sure your brakes and rotors are in good condition for the rainy season ahead of us by having our service specialists inspect them.
  • Belts and Hoses
    Throughout the year your belts and hoses can wear, but the winter weather is notoriously hard on them. Be sure to peek under the hood for any noticeable signs of cracking or leaks. If you notice a leak, bring your vehicle to our service specialist at our Cicero dealership serving Syracuse and Liverpool, NY for an inspection.
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